Kris Morgan's gym plymouth


Kris has always loved taking part in sport. Swimming, rowing, boxing and even fitness challenges, some of which he was able to compete in whilst serving as a Commando.  He acquired a particular set of skills (Liam Neeson style) meaning, he will find you, he will train...
Paula Morgan's Gym Plymouth Instructor


I attended a workshop in 1998 which included Pilates. At the time I had a lot of hip problems due to arthritis. I was amazed how much it helped & trained the following year. Through Pilates I was able to postpone having a hip replacement for 10 years. I love teaching...
Sher Morgan's Plymouth Gym instructor


Sher has been an instructor for 10 years and worked at Morgan’s since it opened, she even met her husband here!  She loves martial arts and does Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Eskrima. Fitness and health is her passion, its her hobby as well as her job. She lives and trains...
Emma Morgan's Gym Plymouth


After trying a few group X classes in her early 20’s Emma was hooked! She loved the way she felt while exercising. Such an adrenaline rush! Emma started teaching group X 10 years ago and it was the best thing she ever did. If Emma can help people feel the way she...
Kerri Morgan's gym plymouth


Kerri’s fitness journey started when she became a member of Morgan’s. She was overweight and desperate to do something about it. With the help of the staff at the gym she managed to lose weight, and she also developed a passion for fitness. She went on to do her...
Gavin Morgan's Gym Plymouth Instructor


Gavin has been leading the Plymouth Herald’s ‘I Love Life’ campaign over the last couple years and is responsible for over 42.5 stone of weight loss over 3 projects. You can also see his work with Roger and Mike from the ‘Need a cab, I love life’ project in an...


Freya is the newest member of our team. Her interest in the personal training world rooted from her love of sports including football, running and surfing. Throughout her studies in a degree of sports and health, she found a passion for helping others and guiding...
Lee Morgan'S Gym Plymouth


Lee’s expertise revolves around personal training and nutrition. His own fitness journey started approximately 5 years ago when he returned to the gym after having surgery, weighing approximately 16 stone. At this period, he was out of shape and not following a diet....
Rachel Morgan's gym plymouth


Despite obtaining a dance degree at 21, Rachel (aka ‘Lady H’) didn’t join the fitness world until 21 years later. She became an instructor because she wanted to make a difference. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to be the best version of themselves – exercise...
Darren Morgan's gym plymouth


Darren is a highly competent and enthusiastic personal trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals. He possesses a successful track record of evaluating a client’s physical fitness, understanding their needs and then developing a practical...


Only been coming since October, but love this place, people, classes & instructors. Having never set foot into a gym before, everyone at Morgan’s have made me feel welcome. Christina Fearn
Classes are excellent, staff are great, prices are fantastic, members are friendly. A totally top gym! If you want to get fit, get to Morgan’s. Terry Ingram
I love this gym and recommend it for everyone. I have made some great friends and everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The staff are brilliant and so lovely too. Kylie Brice